One of my other ideas I have managed to come up with is the new electric car the West Midlands Police are currently using.

Although the car was trialled late last year, I will try and find out whether the Mitsubishi MiEV has been a hit with the Police. As well as the Police’s thoughts on the car, I will also try and get someone from a Birmingham Mitsubishi garage to talk about the car.

I gave the Birmingham Mitsubishi garage a call today regarding the story I managed to find out last week based on the Japanese car manaufacturer’s attempts to test the largest wind turbines in the world. I was told to get in contact with the Press office but they are situated outside the Midlands so this article may not materialise. The person I initally spoke to had no idea what I was talking about. So much for helping! I will nonetheless be getting in touch with someone from Earth, Wind and Solar tommorow to see if they have heard about the story. It is more than likely, I may have to scrap this story. Oh well!