I managed to get in contact with West Midlands Police today about the Mitsubishi MiEV that has been trialled since December of last year.

Staff I spoke to were really helpful and gave me some valuable information and good quotes. They even sent me some images of the car which was kind of them. Thankfully they did since I could not find any on Flickr.

I have tried to chase up on the story about Mitsubishi testing the largest Wind Turbines in the world but I am not having any luck. I have tried to get in contact with the Mitsubishi dealers in Birmingham but they advised that I should talk to the Press Office (Outside of the West Midlands!). One person also told me that they had not even heard about this. So much for knowing things about the company you work for.

I managed to get in contact with someone from Earth, Wind and Solar (Oldbury, West Midlands) about whether they had heard about the above story. He did not know anything about it but I did mention that I was writing for Birmingham Recycled and he said he would have a look at what we do. He might be a punt for the podcast that our group produce.

Anybody got any suggestions regarding who I could get in contact with (Mitsubishi wind turbine story)?