What an exciting experience! I took part in my first ever podcast and to be honest it could have been so much worse. The podcast itself actually went quite well although there were one or two blips.

Since I am focusing on the Technology side of things for Birmingham Recycled, our podcast focused on our specialist subject. Those who were also covering Technology took part in the podcast. We discussed three main issues in the lead up to Birmingham 2026 (Cars, Buses and Wind). This campaign will aim to make Birmingham the first UK city to have a low-carbo energy infrastructure.

The first issue we talked about was cars and how they were being scrapped. We also looked at how West Midlands Police were now starting to use electric cars. Based on this we made points about the fact that these are cars for the future and manufacturers are starting to take note of what other manufacturers are doing.

The second issue we tackled was buses. We came up with ideas based on the fact that double deckers should only be used during the rush hour in the mornings and evenings as well as when students go to school/college etc. We also asked the question whether buses are essential in the late evenings.

The final issue focused on wind. The Wind and Energy Association have said that wind could power half of UK homes by 2020 and this led us onto a discussion about whether this is a good or bad thing and how it may have an effect on the people of Birmingham. We also touched on the fact that Mitsubishi have introduced plans to test the largest wind turbines in the world.

The only negative of the podcast was that when we got on to one issue, we did not say anything for about a minute until someone made a point. Apart from that, the podcast went pretty well.

Out edited version will be available to listen to online soon.