This may sound stupid but I actually quite enjoyed writing up my latest article despite people not getting in touch with me. I managed to get some decent quotes and the Liberal Democrat Councillor literally got in contact with me immediately once I had sent him an e-mail.

My source of inspiration for my article came from an article that was published in the Birmingham Post. The people that were mentioned in this article were those who I tried to get in contact with. I did leave messages on voicemail but not many got back to me. This was pretty frustrating because I wanted a wider range of views on the topic.  But what can you do!

However both Chris Crean and Cllr Jon Hunt were very co-operative and gave me some useful information about their views on Alistair Darling’s plan to lauch a Green Investment Bank. They also seemed to be knowledgable about this which showed through the way they communicated. The fact that Hunt said the plan of setting up a Green Investment Bank could have setbacks did not surprise me to be honest. Since he is a Liberal Democrat and the Labour party are currently in power, there are bound to be contrasting views.