I’m already aware that so many articles have been written about the Midland Metro being extended from Birmingham Snow Hill to Birmingham New Street. This is what my take is on the whole situation.

The Metro

The one thing I am totally confused by is why extend the Metro line from Snow Hill to New Street Station? New Street is only a five minute walk to Snow Hill and yet more than £120 million is being put forward if this proposal does go ahead. I still cannot get my head around this. The £120 million could be used on something else that is worthwhile e.g. Improving the roads in Birmingham etc.

Almost 1,300 jobs would be created if the plan is approved which is a positive for those who are still unemployed and a boost for the city of Birmingham.  However extending the line from Snow Hill to New Street! I’m not a fan of that and I think you would be better off creating a link from Wednesbury to Dudley/Merry Hill. What exactly would the benefits be.  The Bull Ring is literally a five minute walk from Snow Hill.

If a link was created from Wednesbury to Dudley/Merry Hill, then people will not necessarily have to catch the bus all the time. If new links were set up, then I’m sure people would use the tram more often rather than catch the bus. It will be less time consuming and it will also cause less hassle. I remember that it almost took me an hour to get from West Bromwich to Merry Hill in the Bus with no traffic. That is insane!  It usually takes me 20 minutes to get to Merry Hill in the car. That is a huge time difference.

Again if new links were made, then these will have more benefits then the current Metro extension proposed. Give us a route that the people of the West Midlands want.