Hi all! It is fair to say that I have not been blogged for some time and I apologise for this. Just that I have had other commitments.

In The Guardian this weekend, news broke out that only 62% of Britons are concerned about climate change which is down from 80% in 2006 according to YouGov. Is this a concern for you? What have the Conservative-Lib Dem coalition got to do in order to tackle climate change?

The failure to reach an agreement on fresh emissions in last year’s Copenhagen climate summit and the cold weather may have been some of the reasons why the interest on climate change has decreased. The progress made about dealing with climate change has been minimal and something needs to be done.

The agreements that were made in the summit fell way short of what Britain and many other countries were seeking. African and vulnerable countries in particular were hoping for deeper emission cuts but the biggest surprise was the decision to drop the 2050 aim of trying to reduce worldwide CO2 emissions by 80%. To be honest I was bamboozled by this announcement.

So should climate change be one of the main issues that should be tackled by the new British coalition government?