Well Day 4 in the end proved to be a day that will live long in my memory and a day that I will never forget.

I just imagined it would be another day in the office and getting more practice with video editing. However when the Sports Editor asked me whether I would like to shadow a journalist to the Boris Becker tennis masterclass and to the Wimbledon Ladies Night, I could not refuse.

These were the types of opportunities I was hoping for when starting my placement at Sky News. The Boris Becker masterclass was fantastic and Becker came across as a very good speaker. This is probably down to the fact that he has many media commitments. He will be part of the BBC’s coverage of this years Wimbledon. Meeting Becker was a total pleasure and I had the privilege of shaking his hand. That was just the start of a memorable day. Wimbledon Ladies Night anyone?

Since we recorded the masterclass and interview that Jacqui Beltrao did with Boris, I was given the responsbility of giving the tapes to Sky Sports News. They wanted to broadcast some of the footage that was recorded on the day.  I was rushing to get to the Ladies Night simply because Jacqui told me she would be interviewing Russian star Maria Sharapova at the Kensington Roof Gardens.

Unfortunately when I did get there, Jacqui had already interviewed Maria and I was gutted! Nonetheless my spirits were still high and I was thankful that I was given the chance to attend this prestigous event. I went with the cameraman to record some the stars that were coming to the event. The number of photographers who attended was quite something. The amount of shouting they did when trying to tell the stars to turn their way was pretty loud. Seemed like a very feisty bunch to me.

Some of the stars I saw were Ana Ivanovic, Serena and Venus Williams, Maria Sharapova, Sugababes, Bruce Forsyth, Caprice and many more. To be honest I was starstruck and could not believe the number of celebs who attended. It was a long day but in the end it was worth it.

I’ll keep Day 5 short. I was mainly getting use to video editing once again and being introduced to scripts as to what the presnters read off when presenting the news. It was not a bad day by any means but it was kind of back down to earth. But still there was plenty of banter to keep me going.

Shame that the week went too quick but hopefully the next two weeks will still be as memorable as my first week. Cheerio!