Typical British weather hey! It rains heavily on Friday and Saturday to interrupt all three practice sessions and qualifying. And yet on Sunday we had a dry race. Why couldn’t it be dry all weekend?

After what happened in qualifying on Saturday, I guess it would not have been a surprise if it had rained on race day. But surprisingly the weather wasn’t bad and it only started raining once the race had been completed.

Getting in and out of Silverstone was a nightmare at times but you have to give the British fans credit. On all three days the fans were terrific and they generated a fantastic atmosphere at Silverstone in spite of the horrible weather conditions.

Sitting in the International Pit Straight (the main straight) was quite something. I sat right opposite the HRT, Marussia and Caterham garages and I was very impressed by how quick the pit crew were with their pit stops on race day.

Mark Webber continues to defy the critics in my opinion as he took his second victory at Silverstone. Ferrari’s Fernando Alonso finished second and Sebastian Vettel rounded off the podium places by coming home in third. All in all a great day for Red Bull and the fans were treated to a decent Grand Prix.

Aussie Delight

At the start of the 2012 season, I wanted to see Mark Webber take the fight to team-mate Sebastian Vettel and the Australian is certainly doing that. Lets be honest Webber was blown apart by Vettel in 2011.

Mark has done a great job so far and he is giving Seb a run for his money that’s for sure. @AussieGrit has been a lot more consistent this year than he was last season and consistency is the key to doing well.

Two wins in 2012 and I’m really happy with the way things have turned out for Webber this year. There is still a long way to go but I’m sure Mark will be heading to Germany with plenty of confidence and belief that he can get a strong result at Hockenheim.

I would be right in saying that Vettel has not had it all his own way this time round. Webber outclassed the German right throughout the British Grand Prix weekend and I can’t remember the last time Vettel has been outshone by his team-mate.

Sebastian despite not being able to get the best out of the Red Bull car at Silverstone was still able to finish third. That in itself is pretty ominous. Vettel will definitely be pumped up for his upcoming home Grand Prix and I know he would love to win in front of his home crowd.

The neutral will be loving the fact that Sebastian has only won the one race in 2012. But to be honest I can see the two-time World Champion winning more races this year. Vettel is a class-act and I can see him being in contention for the race win at the German Grand Prix.

Upturn for Ferrari

You have to say Ferrari are the one team that have improved considerably race by race in 2012. Fernando Alonso has been able to get the best out of the Ferrari and Felipe Massa is showing signs of getting back to his best.

When you think about where they were at the beginning of the year, you have to give everyone at Maranello credit for turning Ferrari’s season around. After being stuck in the midfield, the team now find themselves challenging for wins.

Despite losing the lead in the closing stages of the race at Silverstone, Alonso can still be happy with the way he performed. It was always going to be difficult for the Spaniard to keep Webber behind. But finishing second was still a good result and Fernando is still leading the Drivers Championship.

Being on the hard compound tyre proved the right tyre to be on and it was evident from where I was sitting that Fernando was struggling towards the end of the race. But I have no doubts the ex-Minardi driver will be determined to take his third victory of the season this weekend.

The one driver I was chuffed for was Felipe Massa. The Brazilian has been under huge pressure to deliver and even Luca di Montezemolo has come out and said Felipe needs to up his game.

Finishing fourth at the British Grand Prix will hopefully be a morale booster for Massa and a result that get his career back on track. Felipe finished the race not far behind Vettel and there are plenty of positives the former Sauber driver can take from the British weekend.

Lotus on the up

Both Kimi Raikkonen and Romain Grosjean finished in the points at Silverstone so all in all it was a decent day for the Enstone based team. Grosjean in particular was impressive as he made his way from the back of the field from the early stages of the race to finish sixth.

However the Frenchman will have a five place drop at Hockenheim due to his gearbox having being changed after the British Grand Prix. Nonetheless I do expect Romain to be in the points come the end of the German Grand Prix.

Kimi Raikkonen was not quite able to get past Felipe Massa for fourth but the Finn can still be satisfied with how the weekend went. I can see Lotus winning a race this season but I’m not sure where the win will come and who will win that race. Both Kimi and Romain have proven this season they are capable of challenging for race victories.

Lotus now find themselves third in the Constructors ahead of McLaren but whether they finish there only time will tell. I can see McLaren overtaking Lotus but finishing fourth would by no means be a disaster for Eric Boullier’s team. Lotus can definitely look forward and things are on the up.

McLaren Disappointment

At the moment McLaren are going through a bad spell and after winning in Australia, surely this was going to be the year McLaren could take the fight to Red Bull.

I don’t know why I say this but I have a funny feeling McLaren will have a strong weekend in Germany. Having supposedly held “crisis talks”, the German and Hungarian Grand Prix’s could be make or break. Fail to get strong results and this years Drivers and Constructors titles may end up being fought between Red Bull and Ferrari.

I do believe McLaren will bounce back however I cannot put my finger on what has gone wrong in recent races. Taking race victory in Australia was a great start for the team and the car looked pretty good. So why has it gone downhill since?

No doubt both Lewis Hamilton and Jenson Button are getting pretty frustrated right now and small mistakes are costing McLaren. Whenever they are given the right car, Lewis and Jenson are unbeatable. A race win could prove to be a turning point for the team but they do need to score big points at both Germany and Hungary.

German Grand Prix

I am very much looking forward to the Grand Prix at Hockenheim and I cannot predict who will win. 2012 has proven to be an unpredictable year and for me personally to see seven different winners is incredible.

An eighth different winner would be brilliant but for that to happen, either one of the Lotus drivers, Michael Schumacher, Felipe Massa or a driver of the midfield teams (excluding Pastor Maldonado) would have to win.

Never say never and you can never disregard a shock result based on what we have seen this year. I would expect to see Red Bull and Ferrari right up there but I can’t predict what will happen on Sunday.

As I have already said, it is a big weekend for McLaren and I guess they are the team under pressure to deliver at Hockenheim. Mercedes will also want to put in a strong performance to please the home crowd. And how Sebastian Vettel would love to win his home race.

Should be a decent Grand Prix and the weekend cannot come sooner enough.

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