Why is it that Adrian Newey and Red Bull have been crowned Constructors Champions for the last three years? Simply because they have pushed the boundaries and they never give up.

Pushing the boundaries is all about thinking outside the box and not just settling for second best. Being persistent, determined and never throwing in the towel are reasons why you should push all boundaries.

Pushing the boundaries is all about being innovative and coming up with new ideas in order to stay above your competitors which is what Red Bull and Newey have been doing for the last three years. How big a part did the exhaust blown diffuser play in Sebastian Vettel’s Championship winning year of 2011? And who pioneered the new generation of blown diffusers? Mr Newey himself.

Pushing the boundaries is all about coming out of your comfort zone and believing in yourself. Sebastian and Red Bull might have been behind Fernando Alonso in the Drivers Championship at the halfway stage of the 2012 season, but who came out on top in the end? Sebastian Vettel and Red Bull. Simply because they believed in themselves and pushed the boundaries.