Brilliant, exciting and sensational. Just some of the words to describe my day at the Red Bull Racing RB9 launch. Sunday, February 3, 2013 will always be a day I will never forget and am thankful to the team for inviting me.

Being selected as one of the lucky ones to attend the RB9 launch came as a real surprise and a total shock. This was an opportunity I could not turn down and the countdown to the big day had begun.

Getting into Formula One has always been a dream of mine whether that be being a racer or working in the media. And attending the unveiling of the RB9 is hopefully a sign of things to come. I definitely want to be present at future car launches and Grand Prix weekends on a regular basis. Just looking for someone to give me that chance.


I arrived at Milton Keynes Central train station and the excitement certainly did kick in. Despite the fact I have followed Formula One since 1996, this was actually the first time I was visiting a team base. And for that team to be the reigning Constructors Champions was just incredible.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

The winning bloggers whom I spent time with were fantastic and it was obvious throughout the day that they are true F1 fanatics. Looking back at the 2012 season and Grand Prix’s we had attended were just some of the topics discussed on the way to the Red Bull Racing factory.

My eagerness and anticipation notched up another level once we arrived at the home of the current Formula One Champions. You would think signing in at reception would be uneventful and a simple formality. How wrong was I.

Next thing you know, you are able to see the trophies Red Bull have won and end up taking photos you will be talking about for many years to come. I said to my fellow bloggers, ‘this was only just the start of the day.’

The Bull has arrived!

We were certainly getting VIP treatment and I was not complaining. Just before me and my fellow winning bloggers took our seats for the launch, we saw a number of famous faces from the Motorsport world including Martin Brundle, Ted Kravitz and Red Bull Reserve driver Sebastian Buemi.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

I have always had admiration for the job Martin has done since he took up a media role in Formula One. Again he did a great job in presenting the RB9 launch alongside Holly Samos. Wouldn’t you just love to have Brundle’s job? I also spoke to Martin after the launch and he really is a top man as is Ted Kravitz.

From all the 2013 car liveries I have seen so far, the RB9 is right up there in terms of the best looking car. It is obvious for us Formula One fans that Red Bull are the team everyone will want to beat this year.

Sebastian Vettel was his usual self. Chirpy but also serious about the team’s targets and his personal aims for 2013. Mark Webber being Mr. Calm and quietly confident of having a decent season.

Myself and the winning bloggers didn’t want to leave Red Bull Racing HQ and we honestly felt as if we were at home. Who knows we might end up working for the team in the near future.

Thank you to everyone at Red Bull for making us feel welcome and making our day a memorable one. And on behalf of the victorious bloggers, I would like to wish Red Bull Racing the best of luck for the 2013 season.