Title speaks for itself really. I’m 73 miles now into my #1000milechallenge and just another 927 more miles to run in 2017 for Children in Need.

And it’s just over two months now until my first marathon of 2017 at the Manchester Marathon. The first of four marathons this year and it will be April sooner than I know it.

Three runs this week and over 20 miles ran overall. It hasn’t been a spectacular start to my challenge but it has been a solid one and I’m thinking about the long-term/bigger picture. Just taking it one run at a time.  25-01-17-insta


One of the inspirations for taking on my #1000milechallenge for Children in Need was seeing the many heart breaking/tear-jerking stories that were featured on the appeal night in November 2016.

There were so many stories shown which highlighted the challenges/difficulties so many families shouldn’t have to face on a daily basis. No family and young children should ever have to struggle in life. No matter where you come from, help should always be given to those who need it. The stories also put a lot of things into perspective and you can never take anything for granted in life.

By taking on my #1000milechallenge this year, I want to continue to help inspire young/disabled children to never give up in life. You can achieve your dreams if you work hard, believe in yourself and have the determination.

Speaking from personal experience, I had early learning difficulties during my early childhood days and required extra educational support. It was a very hard time and it was a time where I could so easily have given up. But the support I have had throughout my life has been incredible and actually my past experiences have made me a stronger person. I have never given up and I am proud of where I am today in life.

With the right support and the right people around you, you can achieve anything. Believe in yourself.

Please help make a difference to improve the lives of young/disadvantaged children in the UK and donate to a wonderful cause. Your donation will go to projects across the United Kingdom to help children build better lives. Please help make a difference. You can donate online by visiting my JustGiving page: https://www.justgiving.com/fundraising/Manish-Patel1000.

You can also follow my progress during my #1000milechallenge by visiting my JustGiving, Twitter (@Baggies20) and Instagram (manishpatel89) pages.

Please get in touch as well if you would like to get involved with my challenge for Children in Need. Would love to hear from you.