Yes that’s right, it is only 42 days until I run the first of four marathons this year. Very excited and am so looking forward to the Manchester Marathon on 02 April.

22.5 miles ran overall this week and was able to complete my longest run of 2017 yesterday – 14.5 miles. Admittedly I was getting tired towards the end of the run but to still do 14.5 miles yesterday was great. Training is only going to continue to be gruelling. But knowing I am doing all this for a great cause that is Children in Need and wanting to help improve the lives of young/disadvantaged children in the UK, is motivating me even more.

After running 22.5 miles this week, I’m now 129.5 miles into my #1000milechallenge and the miles are ticking along nicely.


This coming Friday (24 February) I will be speaking to Nihal live on the BBC Asian Network about my #1000milechallenge from 12.30pm. A brilliant opportunity to promote my charity challenge and very excited to be making my first visit to MediaCityUK. Cannot wait and aim to make a day of it in Manchester. bbcan

In the next coming weeks as well, I will also be going back to my high school to give the pupils an inspirational/motivational talk as well as discussing my #1000milechallenge for Children in Need. I had so many great memories at high school and going back there ten years later will be just a tad emotional. Just hope my story can inspire the pupils and I can be role model for them.

Positive attitude  

It is just amazing what having a positive mindset/attitude can do for you. If you are positive, confident, believe in yourself, determined and have the willpower, you can achieve anything in life.

Running 1000 miles in one year is a daunting prospect, but it is a challenge I believe I can achieve and having a purpose to complete this challenge has inspired me even more.

One of those purposes is to help improve the lives of young/disadvantaged children in the UK. Speaking from personal experience, I had early learning difficulties during my early childhood days. It was a tough time and it was a time in my life where I could so easily have given up. But I didn’t.

I have got a lot going for me and I am only going to continue to have a positive attitude in life. Bad things do happen. But you can do two things – either dwell on those negative moments or bounce back and embrace life. 18-02-17-insta

Children may have a disability but that shouldn’t stop them from going onto dream big and achieve their ambitions in life. And despite my early difficulties in life, I am proof that if you work hard in life, you will be rewarded and you can achieve anything.

Please donate to a great cause and help make a difference to improve the lives of young/disadvantaged children in the UK. You can donate online by visiting my JustGiving page:

You can also follow my progress during my #1000milechallenge by visiting my JustGiving, Twitter (@Baggies20) and Instagram (manishpatel89) pages.

And don’t forget if you would like to get involved with my challenge, message me and I would love to hear from you.