A lot has happened since I last blogged about my #1000milechallenge for Children in Need so thought I would update you all with where I am.

The 600 mile mark is up and am now 604.1 miles into my challenge. With two marathons coming up, training is going well for those marathons and have even started to go swimming again.

Last time out managed to swim 60 lengths. Have to admit I’m not a great swimmer but still to do 60 lengths I was happy with that. Even started to go to the gym after so many years.

I’m feeling fitter and stronger which is a positive. But ultimately there is still a long way to go in terms of where I want to get fitness wise. DSC_0091

When it comes to running, I’ve started to use Science in Sport running gels. It is still very much early days getting use to the gels but I am already feeling the benefits which is a real plus. They are giving me more energy and my running endurance/performances are improving ever so slightly which again is a positive.

By all means there have been some tough runs since I last blogged in June but I’m generally feeling very positive. And I’ll also be representing #TeamWestBrom in the 800m at this year’s AMSUK Sports Festival.

Wolverhampton Marathon

The Wolverhampton Marathon will be my third marathon of 2017 and fair to say I’m very much looking forward to it.

My first ever 26 miler was last year’s Wolverhampton Marathon. It was a proud moment for me to complete my first marathon and a day I will never forget. The first half of the race was not too bad but admittedly the second half of the race was a real struggle. 20x30-bruk6057

On reflection of my first marathon, I feel as if I overdid it pace-wise in the first half and went too quick. I was also obsessed in doing it sub-four hours. I finished the race in just under four hours and 43 minutes. But still to finish the race was a happy moment.

I’ve already ran two marathons in 2017 and have also recorded two personal bests. What happened in Wolverhampton last year, I’ve learnt an awful lot from the way I performed in that race. It’s not about how you start, it’s about how you finish.

The positive thing about the marathons I have completed this year, in Manchester the first time I stopped running and began to walk was when I got to 21 miles and in Liverpool 19 miles. I do need to work on performing well in the final five-six miles but knowing I went far into those races until I started to walk is a positive. It’s something I can build on going into the Wolverhampton Marathon.

Running for a great cause

I’m running 1,000 miles this year for Children in Need to raise money to help make a difference to improve the lives of young/disadvantaged children in the UK.

By donating to Children in Need, these are just some of the ways your donation can help change the lives of many disadvantaged children:

  • A £2 donation can help an 11-year-old boy with autism develop his co-ordination and confidence at a trampoline session
  • A £10 donation can help a young child take part in a speech therapy course where they can manage their stammering and grow in confidence when interacting with others

Even if it’s just a couple of pounds, please donate generously and every penny and pound donated will go towards projects nationally to help children build better lives. It will also help children to achieve their potential and turn their dreams into reality. Please help make a difference. Thank you so much.

You can donate online by visiting my JustGiving page: https://www.justgiving.com/fundraising/Manish-Patel1000.

You can also follow my progress during my #1000milechallenge by visiting my JustGiving, Twitter (@Baggies20) and Instagram (manishpatel89) pages.