Swiss Delight

Most of day 3 was pretty much spent on Clip Edit (Another form of software for TV editing) and me getting use to it.

I was just trying to mainly get my head around the different features on Clip Edit. It did take a while to understand what Clip Edit is all about but what I learnt proved to be valuable. I was told that I may well be editing clips for live sports bulletins next week so it could turn out to be a hard but rewarding week.

I will of course have to work to deadlines but this is what I will have to do week in week out if I want to be in the sporting media world. In the afternoon I managed to initially edit highlights of the Chile and Honduras game to just under two minutes. I was then told to cut it down to 30 seconds since this fixture was not the main game of the day. The editing took place whilst the game was happening so as well as watching the game I also edited the key highlights at the same time.

Using Clip Edit was the first time that I was editing for Television even though I did do some TV editing in my first year of A Levels and some in my Online Journalism module in the second half of this years semester at Birmingham City University.  I have no idea what I will be doing tomorrow but I presume that I will be getting more practice on Clip Edit.

By the way what a cracking result for Switzerland against Spain. That was a real turn up for the books and I’m hoping this result revives the 2010 World Cup because there have not been many great games so far. Yes Spain did have their chances but at the end of the day they did not find the back of the net and you have to give credit to the Swiss.

I’ll be back tomorrow about my tales of day 4. Cheerio for now!